AGiant show down is the fith episode of the first season of rush zone

in it ish defends the Giants shard


the episode starts with ish and his mother playing playtendo. ish wins and, still dissapointed about the loss in battle on the bayou,and that he cant tell mom what hes doing, tells his mom he made the school football team and they play on Sundays. She goes to call his (still absent) father, Ish opens the guide book and sees Xs and Os popping out.

The episode then cuts to Metlife Stadium where the Giants are going up against the Vikings. After some talking, a bunch of blimps appear above the stadium. Ish thinks there blimps at first, and is then informed by the Giants rusher, Liberty, that the blimps are actualy a flying blitz-bot, which then assembles itself (from 5 "blimps") on the stadium turf and starts terrorising the spectators while looking for the shard.

The Vikings and Giants then start trying to attack the bot only to be thrown off and the bot to find the hidden shard. Ish is told by one of the giants players to get on top of its head. He visualises some footbal throws and throws Liberty onto the robots head, Liberty removes the power module's cover and, using his torch, sets it on fire. The robot is disabled and Ish, after OT speeks for a couple seconds, throws Vikings rusher Thor at the center to KO the blitz-bot by ripping its guts out. The bot falls and OT tells Ish that he is starting to see the code, He asks what OT is talking about and the episode ends.


  • the crowd was adressed about the attack in this episode. the announcers told them not to panic as the players would protect them. previous attacks did not see the crowd get adressed. though they were angry the invasion
  • chances are the flying blitz-bot is based in part on the magnagaurd droid from Star Wars as the robot stayed functional for a few seconds after its head was set on fire. when Thor gets thrown at and smashes its belly, it finally dies. Magnagaurds in Star Wars have 2 "brains" so even if a jedi beheads it, it can still fight with a lightsaber proof staff. this robot considering its made from 5 robots, probably worked the same way but needed a few seconds to switch "brains"
  • when Thor smashes through the blitzbot's belly atfirst only the second "brain" was smashed through, but when it falls down more pieceshave dissapeered. its possible they needed a few seconds to fall off