"a hero is grounded" is the seventh episode of nfl rush zone 

in this episode ish is grounded for not telling his mom what happened in mile high mayhem


ish is grounded in his room after last weeks antics and can't do anything for the NFL. he then  sees more of the code ( the Xs and Os) in his room. The gameballz try to get him out but since hes grounded, he cant get out. 

He is then seen spying on his neighbors house watching their TV with his telescope, dissapointed because its a "free football game" ( as in they give you a football, not get in for free). the footballs in the colts stadium turn out to be blitz-botz and swarm Lucas Oil Stadium, ish then gets his Ipod and OT appears and asks what the code told him. he says the free footballs are blitzbots and OT disappears. the Redskins are wondering where he is and the football-botz swarm and steal the colts shard. the neighbor ish was looking at sees him and closes the curtain, and after Ish's mom bursts in, the shard loss is reported by OT.

the episode ends with Sudden Death's evil laugh.


  • Ish Can't help in this episode.
  • he also would be sidelined in the first few episodes of season 3.
  • First appearance of Sudden Death who is the main villain of the whole season.