Angkoro is an Obsequious, conniving and ruthless Anticorian. He is one of the three tertiary antagonists of season 3. He uses telekinesis to levitate objects with his Antigravity power. Angkoro wants to be Sudden Death’s number two, but is neither as strong nor as smart as his two colleagues, much to his dismay. He is voiced by Cam Clarke.


Not much is known about him other that he comes from the planet Anticoria and works for sudden death.


He is a cruel and vile Anticorian who is loyal to sudden death and will do anything to please him. He hates the Rusherz for what happened to his homeworld.


  • Telekinesis: His most notable power is being able to move objects with his mind.
  • Enhanced strength: Like the other Anticorians due to their armor, has enhanced strength.
  • Enhanced durability: He is able to endure Physical injury due to his armor.
  • Laser blasts: He is able to shoot lasers due to his armor.