Rebel leader
Prince of Anticoria

Powers and abilities

Minor Telekinesis
enhanced strength
Leadership skills


Ish Taylor
Ash Reynolds
Marty Stevens
Ricky Cervantes
Tua Tupola
Troy Kang
Anticorian rebels


Lord Zaktu
Sudden Death
Lord Zaktu's Army

First apperance

Knights of the sky

Voiced by

Todd Haberkorn

Belan is the rightful prince of Anticoria, as well as the leader of the Anticorian Resistance and nephew of lord Zaktu. He is voiced by Todd Haberkorn.


Belan has pale skin and wears a goldish-brown jacket with a black shirt with a small turtle neck. He wears light reddish brown pants and black combat boots. He also has green hair and matching luminescent green eyes with standard Anticorian black sclera.


He is the nephew of lord Zaktu, the evil dictator leader of Anticoria. Life in his home world was always war and full of despair, unlike their neighbors from the planet Coretalon, which was a fun loving world that played football and guarded the universe's most powerful energy source, known as the core. The warmth of the core gave the Anticorians hope for a better tomorrow, but then lord Zaktu promised Sudden Death he would aid him in stealing the core from Coretalon and that together they would rule the universe. They then proceeded to attack Coretalon and when the Rusherz soon realized they were losing the battle, most of them fled in escape pods. Only thirty-two Rusherz from all regions of the planet joined together to fight Zaktu and Sudden Death's forces. They eventually decided to extract the core, but realized that by doing so, they would destroy the planet. Still, it was a sacrifice the Rusherz were willing to make to keep the universe safe from Sudden Death. The thirty-two Rusherz escaped through a portal and landed on the only planet they knew that could help them: Earth. It's at this point when the core split into 32 shards and the NFL stadiums were created, and it was also when the Anticorians began to hate the Rusherz for taking the only hope they had.

Anticoria was plunged into chaos and darkness. In time, however, Belan found his uncle's war journal, including all of the misdeeds he had committed in the name of obtain the Coretalon core, and confronted him. Zaktu denied nothing of the young prince's accusations, before daring him to tell anyone. In retaliation to this, Belan formed the Anticorian resistance to opposed his tyrannical uncle. Belan later came to Earth to get the help of the Guardians and to get them to fulfill their destiny of becoming "The Knights of the Sky," six heroes who are destined to retrieve the three pieces of the Anticore, a countermeasure in case the Coretalon core fell into the wrong hands. Belan tasked the Guardians to do so because ts power can not be extracted by just anyone, but only by those who are good and hold a piece of the Coretalon core inside of them.

With some effort, he successfully retreives the Guardians and brings them to Anticoria.