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Jackson is a character who appeared in NFL Rush Zone: Guardians Unleashed.

He is voiced Derek Stephen Prince.


Jackson is a man of statistics. He is very smart (he can beat a video game with just one life, handy with technology, can think of effective football plays). At first he wasn't too sure about being stepson to the Bulldogs' coach, but after a while he warmed up to him and loves him like any other father.


Sometime before season 3, Jackson's mother married the Bulldogs' coach making him Jackson's step father and making Jackson his stepson. In Return of Sudden Death, he becomes friends with Ish and the other Guardians. He claims that he feels awkward around the coach because they are so differant. In Redzone Retaliation, he beat Troy and Marty in a video game. When the Guardians got trapped in that game, Ish sought help from Jackson. Ish saw all of Jackson's football plays and tried to convince him to show them to the coach. At first he didn't, but he finally showed them to the coach and became his assistant coach. In Sudden Death Showdown, his step father, Coach Jones, got Super Bowl tickets for him and Jackson. 

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Jackson in his 'Guardian form'.

When the Guardians were captured, Jackson was asked to create a holographic projection of himself as a Guardian to trick the Anticorians into thinking he has the last remaining Megacores. At first the plan worked, but Zich found the real Megacores. But this bought the Guardians enough time to stop the Anticorians from transporting the earth. At the end of the episode, Jackson hugs his step father, accepting him as family.