Lord Zaktu
Lord Zaktu






King of Anticoria


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Knights of the sky

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Lord Zaktu is the corrupt king of Anticoria and uncle of Belan


According to Belan, he was one of the overlords who ruled Anticoria with an iron fist. To them, war was a way of life. But because of the warmth of the core in their sister planet, Coretalon, they had hope that things would get better. He wanted all traces of hope lost so he made a deal with sudden death to help him in his battle to steal the core and conquer the universe, but their plans were not as they expected. The core was split into many shards and Coretalon was later destroyed. The people of Anticoria blamed the rusherz for ruining the only hope they knew. Later on, Belan then discovered his uncle's war journal and found out the truth. He was later confronted by Belan and he didn't deny anything. He dared him to tell anyone. That's when the rebel faction was born. Now present, He kidnapped all of the rusherz to drain them of their power, but that's when Belan went to earth to get the guardians help.


Lord Xactu first appeared in Knights of the Sky planning to destroy the planet. He captured the Rusherz

and took them to Anticoria to drain them of their energy but was defeated by his nephew and the Knights of the sky(the guardians).

Powers and abilitiesEdit

He has superstrengh

he is able to take weapons that are smallre than him

He has a red light saver that can cut through any rock



  • He is Belan's uncle.
  • His appearance is similar to a samurai.
  • He was part of the ruling council of Anticoria, but he later took complete control of Anticoria.
  • Like many Anticorians, he wears robotic armor that covers all his body.
  • When he appears in Season 4 it is unknown if he has changed or not.