Marty Stevens





Voiced by

Andy Aragon

An excitable fast-talking, 11 year old Caucasian kid who is always ready to pull a prank, crack a joke, or defend his beloved Cleveland Browns. He’s the class clown of the group. Marty is a main character of the Rush Zone series.

He is voiced by Andy Aragon.


He first appears in the first episode of season 2 as one of Ish's new friends. Later on he becomes a Guardian when he is needed to help save his kidnapped teammates from Wild Card. He along with the rest of the Guardians have more adventures and eventually defeat Wild Card in the season 2 finale. He along with the rest of his teammates get new outfits in the third season which they use to fight Sudden Death. The Guardians then beat Sudden Death and banish him inside of a black hole, but its revealed by Stellaria at the end of the 10th episode that he survived.


He has blonde-yellow hair, has peach skin, a red, white, and black shirt, and light brown shorts.


  • He is the funniest of the Guardians.
  • His favorite team is the Cleveland Browns.
  • He is also Jewish.
  • He has an older brother named Harper.