Meet The Sub is the third episode of season 1 and the third of the overall series

in this episode ish meets the sub robot


Starting right whare Legacy of the Shards  left off, Ish, Bolt and Nory Turner still on the elevator, get into a random control room right as Turner says that he thought OT was crazy when he said the Guardian was a ten-year-old boy, but he should learn to expect that. Ish meanwhile goes to a "random" control station and asks what a Gaudian is. Turner Tells him that its like a Quarterback and that all 32 stadiums have a room like this where he will control the "sub", an android that will do everything Ish dose and even speek for him. ish then starts trying out the robot and makes it say "this is awsome" 

Turner then says that all players and coaches will know the sub is Ish but no one else can know, causing Him to ask what hes going to tell his mom and Turner says that they will think of something. He is then told to expect a visit from the "Gameballz", and that it is their job to protect him. Bolt then flies Ish home and tells him to get some rest and that it will all make sense soon, and gives him some cool glasses.

Later that night, Ish's house is broken into by three mutant footballs who humorously try to cook a snack in his microwave. After Ish (and the microwave bleep) startle them, they introduce themselves as: Huddle, a golden talking football with laces for a mouth who can speak spanish (as well as english), Fumble, a tan football with a green mohawk and strong limbs, and Scream a traditionaly colored smarty-pants football with one eye. they then say hush as sevral blitz-bots come in to earths atmosphere. the episode then abruptly ends


  • The incoming blitz-bots are shown on fire as they come towards earth, in reality they are still too far away from the planet. Whenever something re-enters Earth's atmosphere they don't usualy hit "entry interphase", (the point where flames start to engulf the spacecraft, rocket PART, or meteor) until about 70 miles up. the bots were shown to be at least 10,000 miles above earth, well above the last traces of the atmosphere.
  • Weather or not the microwave beep woke up ish's mom is unknown.
  • After this season the Gameballz are never seen again