milehigh mayhem is the sixth episode of season 1


the episode starts with Ish's mom finding his mouthgaurd and going to the school to give it to him. Ish quickly escorts his mother out of the area, and is later seen complaining to OT about the fact his mother is on to him. the conversation is cut short when ish is called down ror dinner. 

the next day he and the gameballz head to school to head over to denver and defend the broncos shard. ish's mom is also nearby wondering what hes doing. 

in denver they meet Steed the Broncos rusher who can move really fast. shannon sparks shows up and informs Ish that the shard is the broncos statues eye. a heavy-duty and a Fast-and-furious blitz bot then enter the stadium and start wreaking havoc with corruption footballs. Ish tells the Titans rusher Cyclops to deflect the corruption balls with his shield while he follows and Steed distracts the fast-bot. Cyclops deflects the corruption balls right back to the heavy-bot and it gets wrecked. Steed distracts the fast-bot long enough for the sub and some other players to tackle it. but before the fast-bot dies it fires one last corruption football at steed and turns him into a blitz-bot. 

"robo-Steed" prceeds to steal the shard and leaves with it. We then cut to Ish comming out of his locker and being caught by his snooping mother.


  • ish is busted in this episode
  • Steed is turned into a blitz-bot.