Zevo 3 Rush Zone: Quest of the Snow King

Jason has not spoken to his cousin Ish since his parents dissapeared. When Ronson bribes the NFL to have a game in New Eden City. While Ish and the Guardians are there, they dicover that Jason is a Guardian and ask him to move to Canton with them which takes an emotional toll on Matt (who's been having some problems controling his powers) to the point of revealing his secret.

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Troy in Wonderland

Troy rescues Alice when she gets cought in a blizzard in Canton. A strong relationship between them forms. Strong to give Troy the power and worthyness to wield a Keyblade. And he's gonna need it when Sudden Death makes a deal with Hades and Maleficent to control the Heartless. In a B-story, Ish and Ash start to develop feelings for each other which is upsetting Ricky. But some celbrety guests might be able to help.

Cathy Marks and the Revenge of Sudden Death

RZ's niece from England, Cathy Marks, is starting her third year at Hogwarts. For security mesures, the Ministy of Magic has ask if the Guardians could do some protection around Hogwarts. And who better Guardian than RZ's secret best friend, Marty. Also, Jackson discovers a dark secret about his missing birth father. The BPRD is in here too.

NFL Rush Zone and Catherine crossover (need help on the title)

(NOTE: I couldn't think of a good title, so if any of you might have an idea, please tell me in the comments below.)

RZ happens upon the Golden Playhouse episode, Catherine. RZ also seems to be taking a liking to Orlando Haddick (mostly because the sound of their voices sound the same) and finds himself wishing he could be like that character. And when he wakes up the next morning, he wish came true. Now begins RZ's adventures as Orlando Haddick.